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Holy shit. We may have a wasp nest nearby because I had two come in my room today.I decided to do some research on it and apparently, they are attracted to CANDY and makeup. Therefore, I slightly cleaned up my room because I do not want a wasp nest nearby my house. However, I AM VERY SUAVE and I enjoy getting rid of the wasps with my awesome vacuuming skills. I feel like a ninja on a mission but I stumble on things too often .boo hoo.
I kind of felt bad for killing the nostalgic wasps, but I don't want to get stung because it hurts like a ___________.
Anyways, I seriously looked like this:
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My twin is awesome because she won coachella tickets for day1. :) Since good things happen to good people, Alexa will win tickets soon. After all,my twin did...so don't worry dear. :) JUST KEEP TRYINGGGGGGGG.
Oh also,I found it peculiar that ellegarden usn't playing in CA, but I'm kind of glad they didn't. After all, we have crazy batshit fans that will probably eat their soul.
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